Digital Folklore

This project started with the creation of a fashion collection in 2010, and became a collection of performances and installations that explore emerging culture. Yelena works with her multicultural life experience that lived online since her early teens. However she feels that her story defines a whole generation. What is left over when age long traditions clash with modern subcultures? Young people are the ones deciding what norms, values and aesthetics they want to let live. In this ongoing struggle for survival, idea's clash and become something new. This project is an attempt to define what happens and make it tangible. A quest to define my culture on the boarders of where traditional folklore fades into digital noise.

Yelena Myshko, Yuriy Butenko Butermann, Yannis Kyriazos, Stefan Immanuël Fiole, Jean-Baptist Trannoy, Cristina Hohan, Aaltje Kramer, Donata Kramarz, Janneke Scherpenhuyzen, Elisabeth van Sandick, Valentijn de Hingh, Margriet Dorrestijn, Linde van der Velden, Ynchomar Dossett, Aida Dedeic

  • Art/Design/Styling
  • Year: 2010
  • Medium: textile, performance, film
  • Dimensions: women's size small
  • Duration: 7 hours, video 2.5 min