DressIn(g)progress #2

Digital Nostalgia

This performance is part of a series of events that explore emerging culture. Yelena works with her multicultural background and online experience to define a generation. What is left over when age long traditions clash with modern subcultures? Young people are the ones deciding what norms, values and aesthetics they want to let live. In this ongoing struggle for survival, idea's clash and become something new. This project is an attempt to define what happens and make it tangible. During this performance the process of a photoshoot was played out on stage in front of an audience. A model was dressed, styled, made up and photographed during 30 minutes. When the process escalated to a climax, the model was covered up with a black cloth. A polaroid was made of the motionless model and all participants walked away leaving her behind. After the model left, the public was watching an empty stage accompanied by nostalgic music. Left to contemplate what they have seen.

Yelena Myshko, Stefan Immanuel Fiole, Mark Stadman, Julia Hendriks, Sophia Peroti

  • Art/Design/Styling
  • Year: 2010
  • Medium: performance
  • Duration: 30 min, video 25 min