Genus Neotoma

I-III-II-II-I hoard therefore I am: my weakness = my strength. I am genus neotoma, a pack rat burrowing into the fabric of experience to extrapolate treasures through consumption and digestion of my habitat. I am preoccupied with building a complex nest full of interactive chambers, food-for-thought caches, and recyclable-treasure-debris piles to facilitate a playground for me and my extended family. I am devising a multidisciplinary toolkit with strategies and tactics to tackle existential tension points that I encounter on my explorations of indigenous (sub)culture(s). I want to translate my survival skills into a multidisciplinary toolkit for operations at the intersection of fashion, retail, creative research and art.

  • Art
  • Year: 2013
  • Medium: photography, installation
  • Dimensions: 150x100cm, 175x100cm