Public Enemy is the name given by Yelena Myshko to a folder on her PC that she made to collect inspiration and documentation of her collaboration with Avant-garde Imam Salima El Musalima. They found each other through a search for purpose in life, that brought them together at a feminist reading group arranged by ArtEZ Studium Generale. Salima embarked on a hajj to Paris in search for Allah at religious institutions that turned her down. Yelena joined FEMEN out of frustration with her precarious position in society but left due to collateral dammage. Both reached out to feminist public figures and groups but were ignored, backstabbed and banned. Together they envision a new movement. A post-Guerrilla Girls, post-Pussy Riot and post-FEMEN movement that critically and playfully reacts on contemporary problems with a focus on women.

They want to prove that there can be solidarity between FEMEN and Avant-garde Imam that can spark dialogue in their communities and beyond. Their goal is to get people talking to each other without censorship to facilitate change. They achieve this primarily by being elusive characters on social media that trigger the public and the press. Most of the time they create bureaucratic art made of twitter posts, classified ads and letters. However, they also venture into public space to enact performances. Currently, they strategize about encounters in public space and develop a signature visual language for their movement that will manifest with flags, bells and whistles. Yelena and Salima are nomads alternating between online and offline spaces. The goal is to tell their story and it doesn’t matter how, so they are willing to go right when left doesn’t want them and vice versa. They are nonconformists, no matter the judgement! Only their personal truth will prevail…

  • Art
  • Year: 2019-ongoing
  • Medium: media actionism, performance, performalist selfportrait
  • Duration: ongoing on twitter, in the press and public space