Terror Loop Collection

The collection was inspired by werewolves and terrorists, because of the similar public reaction to these phenomenon. In the past people were stigmatised, followed and killed if suspected of being a werewolf. The same thing is happening now with terrorists, while the whole thing is blown out of proportion! Truth is twisted and has many layers. Yelena used contradictory fabrics like luxury silk with a second hand bed sheet. To express friction between cultures, duality of truth and twisted identity, Yelena experimented with different possibilities of using stripes. Some of the fabric was hand modified to resemble claw marks. Yelena was inspired by the idea of an instable individual who could be anybody and blow up in your face! She used the colours red for blood, black for darkness and a stripe pattern which are referring to the Arafat-shawl. This resulted in an out of the box collection with a rough edge.

  • Art/Design/Styling
  • Year: 2008-2010
  • Medium: textile, collage
  • Dimensions: women's size small, A4